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1):Product quick details:

Product name morchella conica/morchella esculenta

Grade                         grade A

Processing method AD

Size                            3--5  5--8  8+

 Shelf life 24 months

2) Introduction 

Morchella  is also called morel; it is full of nutritious with nice taste and it is also considered one of the safest wild mushrooms to pick for the table, as there are no poisonous species that closely resemble it.

3) Effect:

Morchellas contains kinds of amion acids.It can treat lumbocrural pain,deadlimb,tic of lambs,It

can also treat women’s unusual leucorrhoea.

It also have other effects,such as:clear away heat and stop irritation,removing pathogenic wind and dampness,stimulating blood circulation and relaxing muscles and joints.Besides,it also can anti influenza virus.

We have 12 farms for our morel business ,and with good logistics and most experienced in morel field ,if you want stable supplier ,here we are .




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